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Just the Basics: I live in the Orlando, FL area and work in the mental health/social services field. I almost earned my Master's Degree but sputtered out at 48 (yes, 48) credits. The thing that kept me back? Finding and finishing my practicum... even though I've worked in the field for about 12 years. (Not that I'm bitter...) I love all animals (except bugs) and own two kitties. I love good movies and watch way too much TV, most of which is also good. (So I've got a guilty pleasure ::coughAmerica'sNextTopModelcough:: or two.) I like scifi and comic books but not to an extreme. Um. Anymore. I adore technology but can't afford most of it. I like talking to people. A lot. I love fashion but as a "person of size" (ha) who makes way too little money (see above "social service" field of work), I can't afford much of it either. I love nature (again, except for bugs.) I'm originally from CT and moved to FL in my mid 20's. I had one long-term relationship that would have been considered a commonlaw marriage of FL recognized those. I have a messed up sleep schedule and have had such for almost as long as I can remember.